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Sawdust Burner Features

May. 18, 2018

1. Sawdust burners can be continuously used at high temperatures up to 24 hours. They are suitable for large-tonnage fuel and gas-fired boilers and are stable to combustion.

2. Strong fuel selectability: combustion of all types of biomass powdered raw materials.

3, High heating temperature: continuous feeding continuous production, flame stability, high temperature temperature up to 1300 °C, thermal efficiency of up to 95%, widely used by industry;

4. Convenient docking: Direct docking with the original boiler furnace mouth, no need to change the original boiler body.

5, User-friendly design: the whole small size and compact structure, the bottom is equipped with rail wheels, mobile and flexible. It is convenient to repair the boiler.

6. Economical and energy-saving: The design of sawdust combustion mechanism is reasonable, and the cost of transformation is low when used in various equipments. It is the best choice for electric furnace, oil furnace, gas furnace energy saving and environmental protection renovation and replacement.

7. Green and environmental protection: No pollution and environmental protection benefits are obvious: Renewable biomass energy is used as fuel to achieve sustainable use of energy.

8, No tar, waste water and other waste emissions, to avoid the secondary pollution of water quality caused by washing tar.

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Sawdust Burner

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